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We are a small family owned business located in southeast Louisiana established for the purpose of helping all Americans become more self sufficient. Whether you are preparing for your next camping trip, the next hurricane, or feel our country is headed for a larger scale hardship we can help you prepare.  We offer some very inexpensive products for those who just want a few items in the glove box or small survival kit as well as products that are for the more serious minded “prepper”.  We can also be found at various gun shows throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, etc. You can email us for a list of upcoming shows that we will be attending.   All of our merchandise is inspected on arrival and again before shipping. All humidity sensitive items are stored in a climate controlled warehouse. Any surplus item not designated as new will be graded I-III with an accurate description of what that means relative to the item. Pictures will be of a good representation for each grade, so you can buy with the confidence that what you see is what you get. By the way, all of our surplus is actual U.S. Military gear. No G.I. type or Mil-spec will be found in the surplus category. When known, I will also designate the country of import for non U.S.made items. Unfortunately, I cannot avoid some Chinese made items. However, especially in the knife department, they are required to be made to that companies standards, i.e. Gerber, CRKT, etc.  If you have questions regarding food storage and rotation, water storage and filtration, surplus products or anything else please feel free to contact us.  Sign up for our newsletter and we will notify you when new items come, our surplus is always evolving.  Unfortunately, we are no longer offering "free local pickup" as this option was used incorrectly by several people from very far away.  We also are no longer routinely accepting phone orders or checks.  The logistics of checking our PO box daily for the check to arrive and then depositing it and awaiting clearance for a small order is no longer feasible.  Manually entering credit cards via phone orders adds additional fees and makes it difficult to calculate shipping cost as well as circumvents our credit card security provided thru the web site.  We do value our customers privacy and if you are wanting to place a large order without going through the web site then please feel free to call and we will work with you.